Our Values

The cold storage industry by it’s nature is an energy intensive sector, which has a knock on effect on all the food that moves through it by increasing its carbon footprint between manufacturer and end consumers. Our facility is based in Stanmore, only 25 minutes from the centre of the largest concentration of people in the country. While most London cold stores have closed down their operations and moved outside of the M25 to reduce the cost of operation, we believe that it’s important to reduce the total mileage food has to travel in it’s life cycle. We believe that food manufactured in, or shipped to, the UK to supply the needs of London, and the home counties, shouldn’t have to travel up and back down the motorways of the country just to access cold stores that have a lower running cost base. In this we have signed up to, and are a supporter of the FSDF Climate Change Agreement for Temperature Controlled Storage. The make up of the population of London is very diverse and cosmopolitan, and as such, so is its cuisine. We believe it’s important to support the food businesses that supply and support this diversity. To back this, we have setup a hub for small to medium size food industry businesses on our site, where they base their business administration in our serviced offices, and store their stock in the cold store. This way, these businesses, for no capital outlay have complete flexibility to grow without restriction, with a cost base that is linked to their growth. We also operate on the following principles

Our Principles

  • To minimise the carbon foot print of food Supplied to London
  • To support the food industry supplying to London
  • To help small companies grow within the food supply sector
  • To help small companies grow within the food supply sector

Our Actions

  • Signed up to the Climate Change Agreement
  • With a little notice, be very flexible on working hours
  • Doubling the Serviced office space for Small Businesses
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