Chill Storage

Our Capacity

  • 300 Pallet Locations
  • 100 Pallet in per day
  • 100 Pallets out per day

We are the closest Cold Store to Central London. Our Chill Store is kept at +5° C. This area has dedicated plant to maintain the temperature, which is backed up by the Cold Storage plant during planned downtimes. It has dedicate loading areas and bays separate to the Cold Store.

Transkold has a chilled storage facility that can take up to 300 pallets at it’s main cold storage site in London.  It can be fed by our main dock levelling loading bays, or via it’s own dedicated ground level loading bay.  The racking is flexible and can be altered to suit the needs of individual contracts.  All product that enters and leaves the store is tracked via our warehouse management system, and will provide clients with stock movement reports on a case by case basis, and also in weekly summary form.  The chill store has the capability of storing product on a pallet by pallet basis, or allocating a dedicated space for our clients to run their own operation from.  For clients wishing to run their own operation, we can offer serviced offices to accompany the storage space for administrative purposes and break times.

There are six temperature probes within the chilled store, connected to our central control system which logs temperatures for compliance and product tracking purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my product need to be kept chilled.

Food product shelf life is extended by stopping, or greatly slowing the growth of bacteria within the food.  This can be achieved by removing all bacteria, and then sealing the product as in tinned food.  More often, when this isn’t possible, extending the shelf life through temperature control is the best option, using a chilled store where low temperatures slow the growth of bacteria.

Why should we use Transkold

Transkold is the closest chilled store in central London, thus cutting down on the travel time product has to reach our London customers.  We’re also scaleable, so you can have one pallet or hundreds in our store, and you won’t be paying for capacity you don’t use.

Is chilled storage more expensive than regular storage

As there are the additional costs of maintaining a low temperature, chilled storage is usually more expensive than ambient storage.  An ambient store can be cold during winter, but to provide consistency, it is better to use a chill store.

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