Cross Docking

Our Capacity

  • 200 Pallets in per day
  • 200 Pallets out per day

We have extensive facilities for cross docking incorporating docklevelers and forklifts to adjust to any heights of vehicle. Our Cross docking operates from midnight through to 7am. Our loading bay is fed with 5 loading bays, and ample space which we offer out to be used for any operator with a cross docking need to service central London.

Our facility can handle a frozen, chilled or ambient operation, with the ability to store any excess product, or returns. The facility is available between the hours of 5pm and 6am, Monday to Friday, and 11am Saturday through to 6am the following Monday. Our yard has ample space to handle 50 7.5 Ton trucks, where they can be securely parked overnight.

Safe & Secure

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