Cross Docking

Our Capacity

  • 200 Pallets in per day
  • 200 Pallets out per day

We have extensive facilities for cross docking incorporating dock levelers and forklifts to adjust to any heights of vehicle. Our Cross docking operates from midnight through to 7am. Our loading bay is fed with 5 loading bays, and ample space which we offer out to be used for any operator with a cross docking need to service central London.

Our facility can handle a frozen, chilled or ambient operation, with the ability to store any excess product, or returns. The facility is available between the hours of 5pm and 6am, Monday to Friday, and 11am Saturday through to 6am the following Monday. Our yard has ample space to handle 50 7.5 Ton trucks, where they can be securely parked overnight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cross Docking?

Cross Docking, or Trans Shipping, is the utilisation of larger capacity vehicles to bring product to a hub closer to a customer base, and then decanting the product from the larger vehicle’s to a fleet of smaller vehicles which will undertake the final customer delivery

Why do people use Cross Docking?

This can be for a number of reasons. If the distance to your customer base is uneconomical to run smaller vehicles, the use of one larger truck may take too long to undertake all the smaller deliveries in an an area.  Clients may have specific delivery schedules they require their suppliers to keep to, making it necessary for multiple delivery trucks to be used.  Having a local cross docking hub near your customer base allows you to bring in stock in bulk, and distribute on smaller trucks or vans to fix both of the requirements above.

How do you handle returns with cross docking?

When a driver delivers stock to a client, he can collect any product intended as a return at the same time, and bring it back to our cross docking facility for processing.  This stock can then go into storage until such time as our client wants to return it to their base, or find another outlet for it

Why should we use Transkold for Cross Docking?

Transkold can handle ambient, chilled and frozen product, giving maximum flexibility to our clients. We operate our cross docking through the night allowing your drivers to get away on time and complete their delivery runs during working hours.  We’re the closest cross docking site to central London, thus minimizing drive time and fuel used in completing deliveries to their London customer base.

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