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Cold Storage

Transkold's cold store in Stanmore is the closest public cold storage London has to offer. Situated only 13 miles from the center of London, we are perfectly situated for any stock that is intended for the London market, or frozen food that originates from the food manufacturing centers of Park Royal, destined for further afield but needing temporary frozen storage Our cold store has a capacity of 22oo pallets, laid out in open racking to ensure all stock is instantly accessible. All stock that moves through the store is labeled and tracked via our warehouse management system. This system automatically notifies clients each time there is an intake or dispatch of their stock, to ensure they are fully informed of the situation of their goods. It also sends out summarized reports on a weekly basis to show what a client has in stock, what has moved in and what has been dispatched in the preceding week. All stock is taken in and dispatched via our 5 bay fully enclosed temperature tracked loading bays. The store is refrigerated by very recently installed state of the art plant. This plant is separated into two complete systems, each capable of maintaining the store temperature on their own. In essence we have 100% redundancy within our refrigeration system. The store has 23 temperature monitoring probes throughout the store, ensuring we have complete traceability of temperature within the cold room. We can provide historical temperature data to any client who may require it for compliance purposes. Our control system is monitored 24 hours a day for any warnings or errors, and has dedicated response engineers to ensure any fault is rectified way before it can start to affect the temperature within the cold store. The cold store currently operates under BRC documentation and procedural compliance.

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