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Cold Storage

Our Capacity:

  • 2200 Pallet Locations
  • 600 Pallet in per day
  • 600 Pallets out per day

Our Cold Store is kept at -18° C or below. We have 100% additional redundant capacity within the cooling plant to ensure even on the hottest days, and scheduled down time we can maintain the integrity of the cold storage service. To this end, we openly publish our temperature information on this website Our Track Record Within our Cold Store we have the capacity to hold 2500 pallets within standard racked, roller racked, and bulk locations. This is backed up by sufficient chilled loading area and bays to move 1200 pallets in and out per day. We use computerised tracking of all pallets that move in and out of our store to give an accurate stock count for our clients of their stock holding within our store.

Chill Storage

Our Capacity:

  • 300 Pallet Locations
  • 100 Pallet in per day
  • 100 Pallets out per day

Our Chill Store is kept at +5° C. This area has dedicated plant to maintain the temperature, which is backed up by the Cold Storage plant during planned downtimes. It has dedicate loading areas and bays separate to the Cold Store.

Refrigerated Transportation

Our Capacity:

  • 4 Trucks
  • 25 Tonnes into and out of central london per day

All of our trucks have temperature monitoring for compliance and temperature tracking

Chill Loading Bays

Our Capacity:

  • 200 Pallets in per day
  • 200 Pallets out per day

Our Cold Store Loading Bay and Loading Area has a dedicated chiller unit which is backed up by the main cold store plant for planned downtime, and fast recovery after extended loading activity. With 5 dock levelling bays, we can comfortably handle fast turn around of inbound deliveries and outbound dispatches, whether palletised, or container loading.

Blast Freezing

Our Capacity:

  • 26 Tonnes per day of meat
  • 75kw evaporator working at -38 C evaporation temperature

Our dedicated blast freezer can take anything up to full loads

Refrigerated Truck Power Outlets

Our Capacity:

  • 30 Parking 3 phase outlets
  • 5 Loading Bay 3 phase outlets

The boundary of or parking area has been equipped with 30 three phase power outlets to allow the fleet refrigerated trucks to plug in during waiting periods, and overnight charging if necessary. Each of the Cold Storage Bays are also equipped with power outlets so that temperature can be maintained during complicated container unloading.

Serviced Offices

Our Capacity:

  • 4000 sqft serviced office space
  • Telephone answering service
  • Overnight plug in for vans

We are currently doubling the existing serviced office space available to support small to medium sized food industry businesses who store goods in our cold store. This gives businesses the flexibility to grow while only incurring costs proportionate to the space they occupy. Tenants have the flexibility to take or not take any of the additional serviced office services, like phone answering, depending on their circumstances.

“Cross Docking

Our loading bay is fed with 5 loading bays, and ample space. We offer a cross docking facility to frozen, chilled or ambient operators between the hours of 5pm and 6am, Monday to Friday, and 11am Saturday through to 6am the following Monday. Our yard has ample space to handle 50 7.5 Ton trucks.


We have a certified repacking facility allowing us to perform contract packing on foods